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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

last day

today is the last official day of conference. the closing ceremonies are tonight, but i dont know if i will go or not. i didnt do much today, just hung out with kynan and had my first conference lunch. it was okay. i had chicken that was stuffed with veggies(that i didnt eat), and a berry tart for dessert(didnt eat that either). then kynan and i went and got ice cream from the deli. it was fun. last night was the gallery of gatherings. i was only there for a little bit, but i got cake and Wikki Sticks while i was there. then sue ann, kynan, and i went up to sandys room and wathced fireworks with other CN and tech people. it was fun. i will still be here tomorrow, but sue ann and kynan are leaving then. i leave on thursday. so thats it. will post again later. byes! -celia


At 9:28 AM, Blogger Suna said...

I sure enjoyed hanging around with you at the conference! You were a GREAT help, and tons of fun, too. Send me photos of your finished knitting!

your pal and Kynan's mom

Sue ann


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