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Thursday, June 23, 2005


i'm so freaking excited about the trip!!!! less than a week, but i still want it to go by faster. it will be so much fun. can't wait. mom's sort of dreading this weekend, since it's gonna be the last good time to pack our stuff. we haven't even started yet. it's gonna be hell this weekend having to get everything together, packed, and prepared for tuesday(flight day). we have our flight from KCI at 830am, a layover in chicago at 1000am, leaving chicago at 1100am, and arriving in washington at 200pm. then we take a taxi or something to the hotel. i can't wait for the plane, since i lovelovelove taking plane trips. i feel calm when i'm on a plane. you don't have to bumping of a car ride, or the speed of train. it's nice. well, i need to go. will post later! byes! -celia


At 7:45 AM, Blogger Suna said...

Hi Celia--I am answering your post on the tech room blog, cause I don't have your mom's email address on this computer (I am on vacation). Drop by the Caucus Room any time starting June 30 and check in, and we will figure out how you can help us out. That's also where you will go to post to your blog, if you want to, during the conference.

Sue Ann


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