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Monday, July 04, 2005

having a fun time here

i've been having a lot of fun here at the conference, hanging out with kynan and whoever else we find in the teen lounge. we did teach kynan to knit yesterday night at the knitting circle, and he's already completed a coaster! ummm.... i decided not to do the Chance to Dance stuff, so i have a lot of free time now. been going swimming a lot, and riding the elevaters. World Faire was last night, and i got my name written in japanese, a couple more wristband thingys, and some free stuff at some of the tables. i don't know the plan for today, but we might go down to the playroom so kynan can get a crown. ^_^ oh, the washington monument trip was interesting. i got a lot of pictures on my camera, and one of the little tour books with the compass and the fold-out maps. the Gallery of Gatherings is tonight, and i'm planning on going so i can see the USWD table, and the tablecloth mom made. so i will post again soon. byes! -celia


At 7:01 PM, Blogger Mary said...

Dear Celia,
Thanks for telling us about your experience at The World's Faire. How did you enjoy the evening Gallery of Gatherings? What is there for teens to help out with if I bring my son next time?
Mary Baker in California


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