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Thursday, June 30, 2005

airplane info

i know i posted earlier, but i had the idea to tell you about my airport expeirience(spell?). i got to KCI airpost with my mom around 615-630 tuesday morning. we had a small wait, since our flight was at 830, but that was okay. i knitted and listened to music while we waited. we then flew to the chicago o'hare airport, where we had to trek to our terminal. when we reached the terminal, we found out that the planes had all been delayed because of the weather. instead of taking off at 1130, we were delayed an hour. when the plane finally arrived, we got on and went off to washington. upon arriving at ronald reagan airport, an hour late, we retrived our luggage and searched for Laura Warren. mom had to call Rosetta at the hotel and ask if they had seen Laura. we even had her paged at the airport! finally we grabbed a taxi and headed to the hotel. we entered the washington hilten to find one Laura sitting in the lobby using her laptop. apparently, some of the rooms werent ready yet, and so Laura was waiting to be able to go to her room. mom and i got our keys and headed up. after settling in, we had to go to the USWD suite for a meeting of sorts. then we just hung out and went to dinner. okay, theres my update for the trip. byes!! -celia


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