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Tuesday, May 24, 2005


i'm really busy right now, getting stuff together for LLLI and regular life. i'm so excited about LLLI!!!!! i want the time to go by faster. i just can't wait until it's time! i can tell that i'm going to be knitting all the time. and it's knitting in WASHINGTON D.C.!!!! which is so awesome!!!! so............................. yeah. i'm being weird. sorry about that. okay, i'm done now. bye!!


At 6:31 PM, Blogger Suna said...

Hey, I am also going to be knitting all the time, so I must be weird too. I can't wait to see you again, and to introduce you to my son, Kynan.

Sue Ann

At 7:54 PM, Blogger Gail said...

Not weird at all.
At any momoent it hits me that I"M GOING TO DC!!!
and I grin

or I'll do this... IN DC
or I'll meet so snd so at LLLI>>

And then I wake up...
I can't wait to get there!

At 8:46 PM, Blogger Jennifer said...

I live only 2 or 3 hours away from DC -- we used to go there for field trips almost every year when I was little -- but I have never been to an International Conference before! I am very excited and a little scared!! :D)


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